IMG_1977-1On this weeks edition of Brewers Bio we interviewed Max Keller who is the assistant brewer and also the quality manager here at Exile. Hope you enjoy this one as much as the last.

You know the drill, grab a beer and read on!

Erin Muir: Background information (where are you from, schooling, past work experience)?

Max Keller: I grew up in Alden, Minnesota,  a small town just north of the Iowa border. I then decided to attend Grinnell College where I received my degree in biochemistry and played football for 4 years. Following graduation I moved to Des Moines where I worked at a few quality assurance laboratories before landing at Exile.

EM: What led you to Exile?

MK: During my first year in a half after college I realized that my ideal job would allow me to work in an environment that was both mentally and physically demanding. In addition, it was always my goal to someday work at a brewery.

EM: Typical day at Exile?

MK: My typical day at Exile includes monitoring the fermentation progress of all of our tanks and then preparing the yeast to be pitched into a new batch. My day wraps up in the Brewhaus where I take over for Joey around 4:00pm.

EM: What do you find is the most interesting process of brewing beer?

MK: I would say the most interesting part of brewing beer is the starch conversion during the mashing process and manipulating temperature to get the most out of your grain or grist.

EM: Favorite beer to brew?

MK: My favorite beer to brew is our Beatnik Sour because of the bacteria we use to sour the beer.

EM: If you weren’t brewing beer, what would you be doing?

MK: If I wasn’t working at Exile I would probably be working towards a master’s degree in biochemistry.

EM: Best city to drink beer?

MK: I’m a big fan of Minneapolis and Kansas City. Both cities have great atmospheres and some cool patios/rooftops to drink beer on during the summer.

EM: When you aren’t at Exile, what are you doing?

MK: When I am not at Exile I try to get outside and be active as much as possible. Usually that includes riding bike or playing any game I can get my hands on.

EM: If you could share a beer with anyone dead or alive, who would it be and why?

MK: I’d probably say Jimmy Buffet, because you have to imagine that you’re having these beers on a beach, wearing a Hawaiian shirt, and they’re probably going to be followed up with some margaritas.