January 2012

The F.W. Fitch Company


From the 1920s through the mid-1940s, The F.W. Fitch Company dominated much of the shampoo industry in the United States.  This firm cemented Des Moines' reputation as a leader for the personal care products industry in the United States.  Completed in 1917, the Main Building marks the beginning of the firm as a national manufacturer [...]

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In The Beginning…


After having yet another location slip through our fingers we decided to take a drive.  It was a beautiful October afternoon and we wanted to see if there were any eye-catching buildings sporting a sign listing a realtor.  As we turned north on 15th St. from Martin Luther King South the dilapidated building above caught [...]

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Happy New Year!


After more than six weeks at sea Joseph Tursi could see it.  The Mother of Exiles standing tall, welcoming her new children with her torch burning bright.  It was the first sign of hope Joe had seen since his own mother had left him at the port of Naples many months ago.  He was nervous [...]

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