After more than six weeks at sea Joseph Tursi could see it.  The Mother of Exiles standing tall, welcoming her new children with her torch burning bright.  It was the first sign of hope Joe had seen since his own mother had left him at the port of Naples many months ago.  He was nervous to see her again, and scared to meet his father for the first time, but the site of Lady Liberty greeting the ship as it pulled closer towards the shore dissolved any apprehensions he had about moving to a new land.  He saw in her the opportunities awaiting him.  He saw that happiness was possible.  He had arrived in America.

Joe and countless other exiles obeyed the command given by Lady Liberty and burned bright. They met hardship head on and eventually their struggles gave way to celebration.  Our brewery is a tribute to our family’s patriarch and all other immigrants that continue to embrace the American dream.  Through a dedication to European tradition and American hard work we make beers that are ideal for any celebration.  Full-flavored, easy-drinking, lagers and ales that have a complexity and balance marveled at by any Cicerone and enjoyed by even the most casual of beer drinkers.  Wherever it is consumed, the hope is that our beer brings an extra measure of joy to the occasion.  We believe Lady Liberty would approve.