After having yet another location slip through our fingers we decided to take a drive.  It was a beautiful October afternoon and we wanted to see if there were any eye-catching buildings sporting a sign listing a realtor.  As we turned north on 15th St. from Martin Luther King South the dilapidated building above caught our eye.  Pat Morris, the head chef at Tursi’s Latin King was sitting in the front seat.  Pat is the ultimate realist.  He had roundly rejected all of the previous sites we considered.  “Oooh my God, can you believe the vermin that must be crawling through this place?!”, “Ugh, the mold here is killing me, no way…”, “This is just bad.  Bad, bad, bad, bad, bad, horrible”.  These were only a few of the comments we heard during our search for the right location.  When I saw the for sale sign on what I would eventually learn was the old Fitch Company Soap Manufacturing building I timidly commented, “That place looks kind of cool…I’ll bet it has high ceilings.”  Bob didn’t say a word.  Pat took a deep breath and sighed.  “You know…that place actually doesn’t look so bad.”  That statement, which barely qualified as a vote of confidence, was all we needed.  A non-negative comment from Pat Morris is 1,000 times better than Jim Cramer screaming and slamming the “Buy” button.  We took down the realtors numbers and were touring the building less than 48 hrs later.