Lacey’s put in roughly 3 years of work to help Exile get off the ground. She’s worked nearly every position in the restaurant/brewery. We think it’s time you meet her!









What’s your title at Exile? What kind of duties does that entail?
-I am the Packaging Director. I transfer, filter, carb all beer, package beer into bottles and kegs, send to distributors, run bottling line, maintenance on line, etc.

How old are you?

What is your favorite beer (Exile and non-Exile)?
-Ruthie, and a big fan of seasonal releases.  I don’t really have an non-exile favorite, as long as it’s craft.

What is your pet peeve?
-I’m a neat freak so I hate when something is not organized/cluttered and not spotless clean.

When you take a break, what do you get for lunch [at Exile]?
– Kids Cheese pizza.

-Grinnell, Iowa

What’s your favorite thing to do in Des Moines’ summers?                      -Gotta love the Farmers Market and Iowa Cubs games!