Screen+Shot+2015-02-16+at+2.11.34+PMIowa native Ramona Muse Lambert has been drawing, painting, and singing for Exile since we brewed Knee High Summer Rye in June of 2014.

What types of art inspire you?

— I work at the Art Center with lots of different ages. I think my constant exposure to kid art is the most inspiring thing in my life right now. Its amazing what they come up with after just a simple suggestion/assignment idea.

What types of themes do you pursue?

–Since I began drawing I have always been obsessed with color, patterns, humans, and animals.

What has changed since you have first done artwork for Exile?

–Exile has been such a great experience for me. I have been forced to tackle the mountain that is computer editing. I have done plenty in the past, but this has been a nice and consistent pile of computer editing.

What environment do you create for yourself when starting a piece?

–I tend to let things boil in my head for a bit and then hunker down for days. I tend to cover every surface in my house with my projects and demand dinner.

Do you have a favorite beer (Exile/and Non-Exile)?

–I have celiac disease! So when I could drink beer Beatnik Sour was my favorite! We had it at our wedding and it was gone so fast.

Who are your favorite local artists?

–Cortnie Widen and Jarrett Mitchell of Iowa City, Rachel Buse, Van Holmgren and John Huffman of Des Moines, and of course Derek Muse Lambert of my house.

What current projects are you working on?

–Illustrationwise I’m working on a line of greeting cards, buttons, magnets and stickers. I’m organizing the kids tent at Hinterland, which includes a coloring book I’m currently drawing. Besides illustrating I have many other artistic outlets.I am currently singing in a few bands around town, the newest being Ramona and the Sometimes. I love sewing so I have been making throw pillows and kimono/cape things lately. I always like to have a good rotation of projects going on so I don’t burn out on one particular medium.

What your hometown is and if it influences you.

–I’m from outside of Luther, Iowa, we had a Madrid address, Boone school. I’m a country kid and I do think that influenced me significantly. I am really good at fending off boredom, and I love drawing big open skies.

Your favorite thing to do in Iowa summers.

–Eating fresh food from the garden, music festivals, waterslides, overgrown flowers, and the Iowa Craft Beer Tent at the fair. Although, topping my list this year is having grill outs and watching the chickens chase children.

You can see and hear more of Ramona’s work at